We believe weight loss is not just a number on the scales. We are open minded and flexible to motivate, encourage and equip you with the tools to make changes to your health, nutrition and lifestyle that are enjoyable, sustainable and lead to your weight.

Are you feeling overloaded and confused with weight loss information or diets – paleo, 5:2 fasting diet, detox, LCHF or a raw diet? There is no “one size fits all’ solution to losing weight. We will help you make sense of the information to maximise nutrition and minimise confusion.  We will support you through your weight loss journey from the beginning to end with lifetime healthy eating habits as our ultimate goal.  With our approach of not enforcing “diet plans” but recommending nutrition and lifestyle changes, we can teach you the techniques to manage your weight. Long term weight maintenance is our goal. We explore your current and past relationship with food, eating and your body.  We can together develop a holistic approach to best fit with your lifestyle needs and goals.

How we can help!

In a consult we will explore your current nutrition and lifestyle situation and conduct a nutrition assessment to help us design your individual Nutrition health management plan. This will be a flexible, easy to follow, suitable and manageable plan that takes into consideration your food likes and dislikes, cooking skills, budget and lifestyle.  The Nutrition Plan will have a goal of weight loss but be focused on overall wellbeing rather than the number on the scale. The flexible Nutrition Plan will:

  • Coach you in aspects of what to eat and how much
  • Be individually tailored to your needs, goals and lifestyle
  • Provide you with ideas and recipes for quick, delicious meals
  • Teach you techniques to control cravings, fully satisfy appetite
  • Prepare you with skills to socialise with food and enjoy it
  • Improve overall health and wellbeing with improved weight loss
  • Restore energy, enthusiasm and vitality for life


We incorporate a range of healthy eating techniques, lifestyle modifications, mindfulness and recipe ideas for nutrition outcomes to maximise your success in reaching your healthy lifestyle goals



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