Homemade Takeaway

Takeaway is a quick, convenient option for dinner after a busy day, there are days when your energy levels and sanity can really benefit from not having to think about dinner preparation. Not all takeaway is equal and it is often much higher in Kj than if we ate at home. This can inhibit your efforts for weight loss, but if every day is a busy day and takeaway is the norm rather than a treat, you might be interested in these ideas to recreate takeaway at home with minimal preparation and cost. If reducing takeaways from your diet is aligned with your healthy goals, whether it be for your budget or nutritional benefit, here are a few recipe ideas to replicate the takeaway at home in 20 mins or less and much less the cost. These recipes can serve 1 or more peopleI have not included amounts as these recipes are very general and ingredients can be interchanged depending on number of people.


  • Thin steak or premade hamburger pattie
  • Bun or bread
  • Toppings of choice – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, grated carrot, onion, cheese

Pan fry steak or hamburger pattie in 1-2tsp of oil
Toast bread or bun if desired
Once meat is cooked, drain on kitchen towel and stack the bread with salad and meat adding your favourite sauce if desired
Note: If buying premade hamburger patties, read ingredients label or ask you butcher the ingredients. These can have sneaky additives or preservatives which is preferable to avoid