1 can (400g) chickpeas

2 cups grated vegetables (e.g. pumpkin, zucchini, carrot)

70gm haloumi (grated or finely chopped)

1 cup wholemeal SR Flour

½ tbs dried mixed herbs (optional)

4 Eggs (lightly beaten)

½ cup milk

Oil for pan frying


  1. Drain chickpeas and rinse thoroughly. Place in a large mixing bowl and roughly mash with a potato masher or fork.
  2. To the chickpeas, add grated vegetables, haloumi, flour, herbs and mix until combined.
  3. Add the eggs and milk to the mix and stir well
  4. Heat a frypan and add 2tbs oil. Once heated, add ½ cup of mixture to the hot oil to make each fritter. Using a spatula, flip once brown and cook both sides until the middle feels firm and cooked inside.
  5. Drain on paper towel and continue to make fritters, should make about 12 fritters. Serve warm with your favourite relish or sauce and a salad or can be enjoyed cold for a lunchbox snack

Variations – Swap haloumi for any grated cheese, add diced bacon and any variety of vegetables.

Gluten Free – Swap the wholemeal flour for a GF alternative flour

Dairy Free – Omit cheese and swap milk for non dairy, milk alternative

1 serve = 2 fritters, Nutritional profile per serve = Protein 14g, Carb 22g, fat 8g, Energy 960Kj, 220cal.