(Makes 6-8 slices)

4-6 Eggs
1⁄4 cream or milk (low fat or full cream)
1⁄2 cup SR Flour (sifted)
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp mustard (wholegrain or Dijon)
1-2 cups veg (grated carrot, zucchini, pumpkin, corn, sliced spinach, chopped cherry tomatoes)
1⁄4 cup grated cheese (can be a mix of tasty/cheddar parmesan, or choose low fat)
1⁄4 cup of bread crumbs or polenta
1 onion diced & 2 rashers bacon diced (optional, fried in 2tsp oil)
• Variations: add any combination of pumpkin, spinach, feta, leftover meat, chicken, salmon, pesto, sliced or cherry tomatoes on top before cooking ……

Options are endless


  1. PreheatOvento1800C(1600Cfanforced)
  2. Prepare a pan(Can be rectangle or square approx. 20cm square,or individual muffin tins) Spray lightly with oil then sprinkle with breadcrumbs or polenta to form a non-stick crust
  3. Mix all grated/chopped vegetables with grated cheese, and bacon mix if using, in a bowl. Stir through sifted flour and baking powder
  4. In a separate whisk together eggs, cream/milk & mustard then mix wet ingredients into vegetable mix
  5. Pour mix into prepared pan
  6. Cook in oven for 25 mins or until just cooked through with slight golden top. Cooking time will depend on size of pan. Muffin size will take 10-15mins. Let it stand in pan for 10mins before cutting slices

Gluten Free – Substitute flour and baking powder for GF options, or omit totally and increase amount of eggs. Use polenta or GF bread crumbs instead of bread crumbs, or omit and grease tray with extra oil

Dairy Free – substitute milk and cream for your favourite Df option, omit cheese