(makes 25 falafels)

1 packet of falafel mix

1 450gm tin beetroot (drained)

(or 4 small beetroot cooked)

1 400gm tin lentils (rinsed and drained)


  1. Make up falafel mix as per packet, using 150mls of boiling water instead of the 200mls directed. Soak for 10 mins as instructed.
  2. Once falafel mix has been soaked, add into a blender the falafel mix, drained beetroot and lentils and blend until a smooth paste consistency
  3. Refrigerate mix for 10 mins
  4. Using wet hands, gently roll a mixture into golf ball size balls,
  5. These are delicious fried in a drizzle of olive oil, very gently turning as mixture is soft and moist. If you prefer you can cook in oven at 180°, place rolled falafels on a lined baking tray an spray with oil before baking for 15mins.  Enjoy warm or allow to cool on tray.

These can be enjoyed hot or cold and can be served with a delicious roasted veg quinoa salad.