This recipe has been adapted from a favourite meal from a local rice bowl takeaway shop. It’s kid friendly and adaptable for all taste preferences. Swap any vegetables or herbs and you can use different protein options including tofu or salmon.

I have even used this as a fun picnic meal, taking the rice warmed in a thermos and cooking marinated chicken skewer on a picnic BBQ.


2 x 125gm Microwave Brown Rice (or 1 cup of cooked brown rice)

1 carrot (grated or using a vegie peeler, peel long wide slices along the long side of carrot)

1 small cucumber (sliced longways or discs)

¼ capsicum (sliced long ways)

½ cup baby spinach

Handful of fresh herbs (Mint, Coriander, Parsley, chives)

3 marinated chicken skewers (or a sliced chicken breast or thigh)


3 Tbs of Coconut Milk Powder (found in asian food aisle of supermarket)

¾ cup warm water

alternatively you can use 3/4 cup of tinned coconut milk

1 tbs sweet chilli sauce (or a spicier version if you prefer)

1 tbs soy sauce

Juice of ½ a lime

Add dressing ingredients to a jar, with lid on shake to combine

Optional Add On’s

Fried shallots, Sesame seeds, Pickled ginger, Lettuce

# For a lower carb or lighter meal option swap rice to quinoa or use ½ the quantity of rice


  1. Mix together all dressing ingredients and set aside
  2. Cook chicken with a little oil in a frypan until brown and cooked through, if using skewers, you can remove chicken from skewers to cook.
  3. Cook the Microwave rice as per instructions. Can use warm or cooled rice in this bowl
  4. Wash & slice all vegetables, pull herbs away from stems

To serve: Add Rice to the bowl, top with cooked chicken and then layer vegetables and herbs, pour over dressing just before serving.